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Creating visual experiences is our passion.

Our Portfolio

As the most influential new visual creative company in China, Volcano Digital is known for its focus on new visual creativity, production, application, and integration.

Our Services

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Fully Immersive

The image covers the audience, and the audience can enjoy the visual impact of sound, light and shadow.


The 3D visual space that awe create is consistent with the real environment. It's as if guests have been transported to the scene we created.

Stereo Imaging

Our state-of-the-art aerial suspension imaging leaves an unforgettable visual impact

Fully Customized

We work with you to create fully custom visuals. Every experience we create is completely unique.

Award Winning

We have been recognized worldwide, winning awards for our visually stunning displays.

Cost Effective

The installation of lighting, sound, scenery and other equipment saves a lot of manpower construction and management costs.
Bring your vision to life
Beautiful and easy to use
Our team will work with you to fully customize your visuals. Each of the experiences we create are truly one-of-a-kind.
Visually Stunning Graphics
Take your event to the next level with our truly visually stunning graphics. Our holographic 5D projections take you to another world.
Let's bring your vision to life.